Your Data, Your RulesSM.

How do you know a conversation is private? You know who you're talking to and you know others can’t eavesdrop. Why should a digital conversation be any different?

Email is used every day to deliver and discuss confidential information—financial data, IP and trade secrets, business plans, human resource concerns, personally identifiable information (PII), etc. In fact, email is the primary way we all digitally communicate, and therefore, is a continual source of litigation and one of the most common systems to get hacked.

  • Are you looking for a solution to stop someone from accessing your sensitive emails if your device is lost or stolen?
  • Do you want to protect your confidential email conversations from being breached if you or one of your business relationships is hacked?
  • Are you concerned that your email provider is reading your email and can give it to someone else without your knowledge?
  • Have you ever sent an email to someone that you regret and wish you could take back, or sent an email that you want to prevent from being shared with someone else?

Introducing Absio Dispatch®, a new, easy-to-use application that enables you to securely store and share important messages and attachments with your partners, clients, colleagues, customers, friends, family members and any other trusted contact, while maintaining control of your digital conversations everywhere they exist. Absio puts you in the driver's seat determining when, how and by whom your email communications can be accessed and used—even on someone else's device.

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